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Well, I am in my second semester of nursing school and I am miserable. :uhoh3: I totally expected to be overwhelmed with tons of work and tons of clinical stress, and I can handle that. What I did not expect was the way that our nursing staff treats the students! I have wanted to be a nurse for so long, and I feel like I am steadily improving.

I was in nursing lab again, after spending all day at school and we were working on IV pushes and the like. We JUST got taught this stuff in a 10 hour shove information in your head day. So understandably I was a bit confused on how to do certain parts of the procedure. I asked the lab instructor for help (which is the whole reason she is there btw), and she was so degrading and rude to me.....in front of a lab full of people! She told me that I was too nervous and insecure....well of course I am, so is everyone else! We are frickin'students! And to top it all off she said " You know what they call an insecure nurse?" And I said what? " A tech." Wow. Thank you for the encouraging words.

This type of behavior happens to many students in the program. One student was tapped/hit in the head with insulin pens, because she could not remember an answer. This student went to the dean who yelled at her and now is treated very poorly by all the instructors. So I guess it doesn't pay to go to someone if you are being treated unfairly. Is it like this with nursing instructors everywhere? And by no means will this BS make me quit, but it is so frustrating!!!:mad:

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No. Not all instructors are like that. I've taught clinicals and skills labs and would never treat a student like that.

Snarkiness is a poor excuse for not knowing how to teach.

I also would not expect a student to be able to demonstrate a skill perfectly the first time he/she has practiced it. On a final exam, yes. But not in a skills lab setting.


Vent away---that's why we're here. Sorry this happened to you and I hope the next time you're in skills lab you have a kinder and gentler experience.

That sounds horrible. I hope it gets better for you.

That sounds completely horrible! Unfortunately, not all nursing teachers were meant to be teachers. Hang in there and keep your head with this jerk. And just think, you only have to deal with her for a semester. She has to deal with her own venom for the rest of her life! You'll meet an instructor who inspires you before you're done. I promise it.

I can't get over the fact that an instructor committed battery on a student, and the student is the one getting the cold shoulder... Physical abuse is way beyond being "treated unfairly".

I'm sorry it's so rough for you right now. Keep your head down, and try to make it through in one piece!

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