Hoping to re-enter nursing on PP/MB unit... any advice?


Hi all :D

I have been out of nursing for about 4 & 1/2 years (with about 1 year med/surg experience), and am working on heading back to work (kept license current but took time off to start a family). I am applying for a position on the Mother-Baby unit and was wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to prepare for it? I have been reading through the newborn and postpartum sections of the Maternal-Newborn nursing textbook I used in school (not sure if it's too out of date - I grad. in 2004) and have borrowed a NRP book from a friend (I will be required to take the course in time if hired). Any other suggested reading material?

I am so stinkin' nervous :imbar I am just hoping the clinical aspects will come back to me (like riding a bike, I guess LOL) but would feel much better knowing I've done everything I can to prepare myself.

Thanks everyone!


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What length orientation can you expect to have? You mentioned that you have started a family-that will help you feel more comfortable with mother/baby. Will their be mother/baby couplets, where you take care of mom and baby, or separate post-partum and nursery areas? I think reviewing these sections in textbooks will help with knowledge base. Special attention to ob meds would help, also Also, you said that you have a previous year med surg experience, also a plus. I wish you well. OB can be a really great dept to work in!


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Honestly, I am not sure about the orientation... last time I worked there, I believe it was 6 weeks, but I was working full-time (can only do PRN for now) so I am not sure how it will go. It is couplet care, but has a separate nursery that I *think* we are required to cross-train to (again, not sure though).

Thanks for the suggestions and for the well-wishes :D I sooo looking forward to working OB... If I don't get hired to that unit, I don't know what I'll do, because it's all I've been thinking about! Had a setback on applying (my mom had surgery), but I WILL have my application in next week :D Still nervous, but it's slowly being replaced with excitement... the interview still has my knees quivering, but I don't think anything can change that ;)

Thanks again, dscrn!

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