Hoping to move to texas, Mesquite area.

U.S.A. Texas


Hi, my friend and I are applying for jobs in Texas, around the Mesquite and Plano areas. We're from the UK. I have never been to the USA before, so it'll be a heck of a move.

Anyone any advice, tips or anything I should know ??

Any information or advice would be greatfully received,



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Why , of all places, Mesquite and Plano? Do you have work contract there? Why don't you come over my place, Midland, Texas. Our hospital is currently hiring form overseas. We can buy back contracts too. Free apartment for 3 mos, a daily stipend of $25 for the 1st months. And a lot more....

Just tell me if you are interested. I work in ICU/CCU. We need you to work with us. We are short of nurses.


Hi ethelbsnrn

My friend has a job in Plano and I went for my interview yesterday for one near Mesquite.

I have to ask, is there a problem with the areas ?? And also if you could let me have details of your hospital, just in case I don't get this job, I would be greatful.

As I work in a UK ICU, I realise there are quite a few differences for example, In the US you tend to nurse 2 ventilated patients to 1 nurse, is that correct ?? In the Uk it's 1 to 1.

Any advice regarding that ?? Or anything else you can think of, I would appreciate it, thanks.



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If you are going to live in Texas, Plano and Mesquite are 2 great choices.


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Hi, I live in N. Dallas, and Mesquite and Plano are both nice areas, both are only about 15 min away from downtown Dallas. Good luck with your move to TX! :)

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Plano is nicer than mesquite, even though mesquite has grown a lot over the years.


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone whose replied.

If anyone has any advice or tips, maybe things we should think about organising before the move, oh heck anything you think would be useful then that'd be great, thanks again.


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I grew up in Mesquite and loved it! It has grown a lot over the years. I think the nicer of areas in Mesquite is Creek Crossing. Best of luck to you!


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I am an LVN from Texas, but have been living in Nebraska for the past 5 years. I am planning a move to Texas April 1st. I am having a hard time getting an apartment, because I don't have a job. I can't interview until I move there, because I can't afford a move and a trip. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions that might help?


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I grew up in Mesquite and loved it! It has grown a lot over the years. I think the nicer of areas in Mesquite is Creek Crossing. Best of luck to you!

I grew up in Mesquite and loved it too. I went to North Mesquite High School. I moved away years ago, but my best friend's family still lives there. I still have relatives in the Dallas area, so when I visit them, I also visit my old hometown. It has grown tremendously since I left. Sometimes, I feel a little sad because it has changed so much.

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