Hopeless NCLEX-RN taker


here's my story i took the exam last 07/07 saturday and i live here San Diego CA.One of my friend told me that usually BON post the name of those who pass within 3 DAYS after taking the exam.Now is my 3rd day i checked my name it was not there and even called BON they told me to wait for 4 weeks for my mail..... Thus this mean I FAILED??? Im so very depressed and hopeless I know i studied very well i took the whole 265 question for 5 hours plus. I Dont know what to do anymore? Please anyone please explain to me how thus BON process the result is it true that if you havent seen ur name it means u FAILED? thanx to all who are kind enough to explain this matter


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Hello, I am also in CA and I took my test on the 26th of June it cut off at 75 and I am still waiting as well. I called the BON and was told they were just reviewing my transcript today so I don't know what to think. I sure wish I could just know if I passed or not soon so that I can sleep soundly. Good luck to you and everyone else enduring this horrible wait. Are we the only state without quick results access?


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I don't know i just dont get it why ca dont have a quick result just keep praying good luck to you also...

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