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@lorraineatl how many uniforms would you suggest buying? Can we just plain white pants anywhere or do we HAVE to use Meridys? I know I have to get the monogrammed school stuff there, just wondered if I could go try on some and get the best fitting ones. Also, do we need to wear the uniforms to camp knightingale?? Thanks!


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I would suggest buying at leat two uniforms. I only brought one but plan on buying another. As for the pants you can wear any white pair but I love the ones from Meridys because it has a lining and doesn't show my lite pink undies. Lol


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Thanks for your reply. I am planning on buying 2 tops and 2-3 bottoms and one lab coat. Do you just wear a white T-shirt or tank top under your top? I am also trying to decide between stethoscopes. It's between the littman master classic or the littman cardiology 3. Everyone says the cardiology 3 is worth the money ($160). They say you can hear things other stethoscopes won't pick up.

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