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I recently graduated this past summer as a nurse and began working in the Emergency Department. Since I was young, I have been obsessed with death investigation. I spend free time watching documentaries and reading books on serial killers. I fantasize about being involved in top criminal cases or being at a crime scene. I never thought to get into the police department but I know that nursing is meant for me. It seems impossible to work side by side with police at crime scenes and that the majority of nurses working that related field are SANE’s. Is there any way that I can follow this dream or is it too far fetched?

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Good luck with your decisions.

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I attended the St. Louis Univ Homicide investigation course (5 days). It was mostly homicide detectives but there were a few forensic nurses. A few of them had carved out unique positions, one I think with the coroner. If you advocate, educate, teach, and network, you might be able to find something. Good luck.

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