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What is the difference between a home vent and a tracheostomy? I have heard they look a lot alike and function similiar. I keep thinking i'm looking at a tracheostomy when I guess I could be looking at a home vent and documenting wrong.

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A tracheostomy is a hole in the throat into the trachea used as an alternative airway. I have never heard the two terms used interchangably, because the tracheostomy is the airway and the "home vent" is the delivery system.

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There are plenty of people who are trached who are not reliant on a vent for breathing. If the patient is on flowby oxygen without a machine, then it's just a trach. But if they have a vent then it's a home vent.


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home vent and trach are two different things.


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A trach is just that ....a trach...a airway opening in the neck.

A home vent is usually for long term pulmonary patients- it is a ventilator...a breathing machine.

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