Home iv help?


My mom was released on home antibiotics with a midline iv in her arm. well the new nurse that came yesterday changed it and now when we try to take the extension off (i think thats what its called) its SUPER hard to pull apart. maybe it was put on too tight but my dad has to yank it off. Is that normal? it used to have a blue piece but not anymore. We finally got it finished and flushed it but the tube connected to her arm has some blood in it after we capped the iv . is all this sound normal? we are just super paranoid we are doing something wrong lol


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your best option would be to call the home health company/home infusion company so they can send someone out to look at the line. Without being there we really can't be of much help. Sorry.

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You will need to contact your mother's care team. Per TOS, we are not permitted to give medical advice.

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