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I am a CNA for a home care agency I have been doing this since November 2014 . Prior to this I worked in a LTC facility that was five star and deficiency free. I really liked working there but it was very hard because it was my first CNA job I graduated CNA school in July . While I was working there we got a new DON and I was on my 90 day evaluation, and I was not even at this facility for a month and she called me on the phone and said she was terminating me because I was not cut out to do LTC and that my skills were not were they should be. Since I have been with home care I received top performer on my 90 day evaluation, but I really miss doing in patient care. I am thinking of applying to my local hospital for a CNA job there and doing home health on the side. I was wondering if anyone has ever been terminated and had to get back out there and do it again. Or if I am making the right decision or if anyone thinks this is a good idea or has a better idea.

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Are you paid more as a HHA? Ours is significantly.

ETA Do you have your HHA? Or CNA?

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How is what you are doing in home health not "patient care"?

I have CNA and on weekends I make more but not by much

I meant working in a facility home health is patient care

You're doing shift work, right? Not multiple intermittent visits? I'm assuming because in California you have to have your HHA to make intermittent visits.

IME, HHA's like their work and make better wages. The only negative is that the jobs aren't as plentiful as they once were, at least not in my area. We literally have one HHA to 5 FT case mgrs/patient case loads plus the PT's who manage their own patients.