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Home Health visit rates


I did Home Health for many years, but left the field about 4 years ago due to decreased visits and increased paperwork and my aging cars.

I'm beginning to miss it......

but I need to pay my bills, too.

When I left, in the Sacramento area, visits were about $35 and an open was $50. I always considered a "normal" workday to be about 6 visits, or 3 or 4 visits and an admission (which is why everyone hated admissions, the reimbursement was awful for the time you put in). Does anyone know what the per visit rates are averaging now in the Sacramento area or in the foothills/valley of Northern Cali? At the old rates, I'd have to work two jobs (full time) to earn what I make at the hospital now. While I'm willing to make less and enjoy my career more, on the one hand, I really don't want to make half of what is paying my current bills on the other.

Have you considered relocating to a different area? We're getting ready to move to Seattle, WA because I just accepted a 24-week assignment with my registry. The money is great and it's a good networking resource!

Good luck to ya!

In the last year I've looked into travel nursing, agency nursing, and independent contract nursing -- so yep, I've considered just about everything :)

If the job you took in Seattle is a home health job, could you tell me what it is paying, either per hour or per visit? Does your registry pay housing?

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I left home health for the same reason. By the time I figured out the hours I ended up working, driving and not being paid drive, office or phone time, I was making between 8 to 11 per hour. Hated to go but here I am back at the hospital trying to make some better wage. There is actually some steady traveling home health work in Cali which pays around 30 per hour. Santa Barbara VNA uses travelers.



Thanks, Renerian, for the info.

I was also offered a job in Monterrey a few months ago, for around $35/hr., through a travel company. Since housing was included, that rate was pretty good. Hours were guaranteed, too, as I recall, and mileage was included. I'd take a job like that if it were offered again, and if the agency agreed to count travel time in to the hours.


I don't work for a Home Health Care Registry, just regular staffing. But they paid for me to relocate, free housing and free car rental. On top of that, I was able to get the shift I wanted and the unit I requested without any problem. I hope that helps you a little. Don't give up though, in this day and age you can find work ANYWHERE due to the nursing shortages/crisis! Don't settle, keep trying. You'll be able to see that light at the end of the tunnel soon! Good luck! NEVER GIVE UP FOR WHAT YOU WANT!

Keep caring,

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