Home Health RN pay rates in CA, 2014


Hello, everyone.

I am a BSN, currrently working in a SNF and have a Home Health job on the side to help out the bills. Apparently I am with a staffing agency but only taking patients from this specific Home Health. I was told that I was going to be paid $100 flat for admission, recertification and resumption and $40 flat for regular visit. I have to pay my own tax and everything. No mileage compensation at all. I said Okay because I don't do regular visits anyway. What I found out is they paid me $40 for discharge while I thought it is going to be $100. I agree discharge has less paperwork to fill out but it is way more than regular visit. It is fair that they pay me only $40 for discharge? Is it okay for me to say NO to them when they ask me to do discharges?


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It is fair if that is their usual rate and everyone failed to discuss this beforehand. You can refuse if you feel slighted. After all, discharges were not discussed before you started anyway, so there is no way for them to accuse you of being unreasonable at this point. Hard to think that they just "forgot" to tell you.


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We're paid a 10% differential for discharges, 25% for resumes and IV/vacs, 50% for recerts and 100% for admits. Our base visit rate is significantly higher than yours (also in Ca) plus mileage.

I believe our per diem/weekend staff are newly paid hourly, at a very decent rate.