Yikes, thought we got some help finally

  1. well, we got a nurse that has experience but unfortunately i don't see this working out. we have been short a nurse for months so our caseloads of course have been heavier.

    so i thought, yes. i get to give up some of these pt's and get some of my paper done. not so fast, she's starting out real slow as she can only do two visits a day. it takes her about 1 1/2 hours to do a regular uncomplicated visit, yep that's right. no wound care,nothing. just simple assessment, vitals, med. check. i don't get it.:smackingf

    yes, i was new too once, brand new to home care and it never took me that long... she has many years experience, i just don't get it..
    and i don't know why she took this job as we are out in the field a lot and only in the office maybe 2-3 half days per week if that. i think she really wants to be in the office all the time.
    oh well, i don't see her sticking around that long...
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Maybe she is just slow to get her motor oil running. Or maybe she is just getting old and slow anyway. Or maybe she is one of those lollygaggers. Time will tell. It doesn't make sense if she has all that experience. I've seen the real tired out combined with lazy types lately; if this is the case, don't let it get to ya. Like you said, she'll be gone in a while.
  4. by   cookie102
    we've got a few of those at our agency!!!