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Well, I am going into my ninth month in Home Health and am not proficient in the paperwork. Ironically, I had been helped all along by one of the other nurses, who is now the Director, and she just... Read More

  1. by   renerian
    What type of tools are you looking for? I can probably help you with that.

  2. by   nightingale
    Thanks Ren:

    Well, the OASIS frequency sheet my company uses is helping tremendously with keeping track of when I and others need to do visits and not be off on missing, say supervisory visits of the HHA. I have now found the Clinical Review Sheet for self auditing my own charts so I know what may be missing from the charts.

    So... I am hoping to find other self auditing and cross matching of documentation records to be more aware of compliance. I do, a lot of OASIS (am on a self apointed break for a while) and daily (what we call) Interpaths for the schedled and PRN visits, case manage (which is a riot cause I do not know this community but am learning fast), and supervise HHA. I still get confused over what they can and can not do; a recent list we recieved from another Agency is helping a lot with what the Board of Nursing allows CNA's to do.

    So, to answer your question, I do not know what to ask for. If you have some suggestions I would be grateful. I o think I need time to digest all of this and have insisted on not working "so frantically" and refuse to be reactionary.

    Thanks Ren for responding.
  3. by   goodywhyte
    Hmmm, paperwork, patients, managment...oh, my!

    How would one organize their workload to case manage 25-35 patients (including therapies), schedule the recerts and sups, "do" the recerts and sups, plus admits, and adhere to the "all socs and recerts must be in by 48 hours" rule...in a territory that extends to about 40 miles or so out?

    Just can't figure it out...

  4. by   renerian

    Do you need tools to track your patients, therapy and stuff like that?

  5. by   nightingale
    I would love any suggestions, Ren. I also have a fax or if possible, email me as an attachment if it is in Word.

  6. by   renerian
    Email me your addy and I will look this weekend and fax some tools to you. Let me think what might help you best. If I have them on word I will email them. I know I had really nice tools that when my computer crashed I lost them.

  7. by   cynda
    Sounds like you work for a very disorganized agency. I have been in home health for 15 years and wouldn't dream of doing anything else. The paperwork is demanding but with an organized system in place it is managable. Hate to see you give up on it,, I have always found it very rewarding. I worked on the road seeing clients for many years and have been in an office position(scheduling, audits, performance improvement, ect.) for the last couple of years. Would be happy to offer suggestions on anything you might need a hand with.
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  8. by   nightingale
    Thanks for the offer Cynda! I will see what Ren sends me and post if I have to scream for more help again.
  9. by   steel magnolia
    I bought a little credit-card sized weekly organizer in Wallmart, they have a web site www.daytimer.com and this little thing is my brain. I plan the next appt with pt's while I am in the home, I wrote when they have a doc appt, so I do NOT schedule them that day, I wrote in all HHA sup's, when recerts are due, when foley's are due to be changed, etc... It really helps me to stay organized.

    It sounds like you had very little organization. Does your agency have the copy of the hcfa/cms guidelines to oasis? It tells how to interpret those questions, and makes things go much smoother.
  10. by   nightingale
    Thanks Magnolia... I appreciate the suggestion...

    no notice given... I am no longer with this business... what an experience.. glad it is over... never again... what a crazy place.. I have never seen a small business run in such a horrible way.... again... glad it is over...
  11. by   renerian
    I PMd you. We will miss you in the home health forum!

    To the other nurse who wanted the tools. I have been totally swamped lately but promise I will get you some this weekend.


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