Will they make me drive that far?

  1. I currently live a half hour from a home health visit and the visit only takes 1 hr- 1 1/2 hrs. I didn't realize it was a half an hour away so I called back within 5 minutes to say I didn't want to take it ( I have a choice). But the staffer already called the family to let them know I would take them on a regular basis once a week so she wouldn't let me "unassign" myself at that point. I have no other clients really near him to make it worthwhile either. I also live in a the cities

    Well, I'm moving soon and the visit will soon be 44 minutes long, 27 miles, and I live where it snows a lot in the winter so it could be longer some days. Am I screwed or can I get out of it? Should I talk to my manager if the staffer won't let me or will it look like I'm not a team player?

    Lastly, my client has dementia/mood disorder so extremely agitated at times...so that alone makes it a burnout visit. I get paid per visit and mileage based on the current govt. rate.
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  3. by   merlee
    So you are getting mileage - what is the problem??? Do you have assigned territories, or is it more haphazard? I was a home health nurse for a long time, and had a large territory. If you can, make this client a mid-day visit, and get all of your mileage reimbursed. It's only once a week - is this indefinite, or might it change at some time? What is the purpose of your visit?

    After you see the person a few times then talk to your supervisor to find out what other arrangements can be made.

    And snow can make any visit difficult. Most of my clients weren't able to shovel their walkway or driveway, and then they wanted me to take my boots or shoes off at the door! Ugh.

    How do you know this is a 'burn-out' visit before you have seen the client? There is usually a lot of family interaction with these types of patients, and that can be very satisfying.

    Best wishes.
  4. by   caliotter3
    If you do not want to take the case, then talk to the manager.
  5. by   mvm2
    Yes all of us that live in snowy areas are worried in the wintertime if we can make it safely to their houses without killing ourselves, and wonder how far we should take clients. My client is about 20 minutes away which I have to go mostly on highway to get to their house which is great during the non winter times, but i worry about the blizzards and pray I can handle it. I thought of an idea for the boots-shoes. Could you take a plastic bag that you could put your snowy shoes-boots in and wear inside shoes or slippers.