What "pearls" did you wish you knew before you began working in HH?

  1. I'm a new grad recently hired at a home health agency. I'm still in classroom orientation, but I'm trying to be as prepared for the job as possible.

    The agency is very diligent it seems, which I like. I've already had to pass several exams after classroom training; had I not passed, I'd have been terminated for cause before even beginning field orientation. So, they're not going to send me out on my own before they're sure I can provide safe care. That said, I know there are things only experienced nurses in the field can teach me. What are things you've learned along the way that you wished you'd known from the start?

    Most of my patients will be children, and many will be ventilator dependent, on TPN, on home infusions, etc. There will also be some less complex patients, some of whom mostly need teaching. Patients range in age from neonate to 90s, and so any pearls of wisdom about home care will be helpful!
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  3. by   Elektra6
    Are you visits or a set shift aka private duty?
  4. by   rachelb29
    Not a fan of new grads working home health. You need experience and backup. How are you supposed to teach complex skills to patients if you have never done them yourself? Have you ever set up and managed TPN? Infusions? Vents? Not trying to be rude, but it is just you and your patient out there in the home.
  5. by   HHnursemanager

    I've been in home health for a while now and get asked this question often.

    Good luck
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