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What are some of the strangest wildest kookiest ect. situations you have found yourself in in the home health setting. I would love to hear your stories. I know in nursing school I would have never... Read More

  1. by   hoolahan
    Missmercy, thanks for sharing that story. I was laughing my arse off til I read about her trauma, then I started to get teary-eyed, how very sad. It is true, you never do know what a person has been through. That poor woman.

    bsnrnoh, lmao, I agree, those vitamins didn't seem to do him any good!
  2. by   missmercy
    Just a little side bar about "M" my rather large patient -- she was always a very jovial gal, cracking jokes constantly -- as a totally inexperienced aide, I was amazed at how great her outlook on life was -- and overwhelmed at her ability to joke about stuff! After a bit of education, found out that she was actually in a great deal of emotional pain and was merely masking it for our benefit. I remember her telling us once that we were some of the best friends that she had ever had -- she was probably right. We loved her and were willing to do whatever we needed to do for her! But we were totally unaware of her REAL needs -- her deep hurts and her profound lonleiness. I am just glad we could make a couple of hours everyday pleasant! She was a remarkable gal!
  3. by   luv2bapedsnurse
    Well I did worked as a community health nurse in NYC for 51/2 years where do I start....

    Going into the building already armed with news paper in hand to stand on as the elevator fllor is usually covered in urine .... no need today the blood on the floor is already dry.....caught me though on the way back....someone had peed all over the dried blood.

    Or that transvestite patient who no one warned me about......interesting when he decided to open up the his kimono and flash me with some rather interesting peircings.

    The really neat part though was that even though I worked in some of the most crime ridden areas I had the protection afforded "the Nurse" No one touched my car and the drug dealers on the corner looked out for me... after all I was the one dressing their mother's wound inside. They repected me by suspending trade while I was passing by.

    The Voodooo high priestess who had me do weekly prepours at the "alter" just so the meds would be more potent and heal her grand daughter from AIDS.

    The grandmother who still used a chamber pot kept at the side of the bed

    The young AIDS patient who died only after completing the credits for graduating from high school because it was her goal in life to be the first one in her family to earn a high school diploma...her diploma was awarded post humously.
  4. by   Hairstylingnurse
    Quote from ozoneranger
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    Oh my goodness I don't know if I should or . That is some sreiosly funny stuff, but makes me glad my short career so far in HH has been for the most part boring.
  5. by   Hairstylingnurse
    Quote from vitalnursemom
    Boy have I been waiting on this thread! Would you guys like the whole list or the top five?

    1.) I had to remove maggots from a diabetic man's foot wound/amputation site. He had been home from the hospital less than 24 hours.

    2.) I was chased from a patient's front porch by their family pet. A HOG! Not a pot bellied pig! A true HOG! Turns out the porch was his domain and he didn't like me standing on it. I could be in the house or in the yard, but NOT on the porch!

    3.) I was met at the front door of a sweet elderly lady by two sheriff's deputies who informed me I would not be entering on this particular day. Her grand son was running a drug operation from the bedroom he had in her home. Nothing like a drug bust to jump start your morning!

    4.) A patient who swore he was home bound and required an aide due to his incredible weakness was caught lifting and carrying full 50 gallon water bottles from his front door to his kitchen withut breaking a sweat.

    5.) My favorite !!! I was faced with dealing with a loaded gun when I interrupted a suicide in progress.

    Thank god for CRAZY people or we'd have no nurses! Thank God for CRAZY nurses or we'd be without home care!
    The above post by me is refering to this funny set of pts. I'm so computer illiterate. Hairstylingnurse

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