Time to share..

  1. OK...time to share everyone....what's the strangest/grossest/oddest/most traumatic/scariest/most bizaare/most-worthy-of-being-shared-with-fellow-nurses story that you have from home health care?
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  3. by   renerian
    NO t to gross but the food was very much so. I had a poor little blind diabetic woman that when I checked her food it was very very moldy with gnats on it in the frige. She was eating it and did not know it was bad. I called her family to start checking the frig. It was disgusting.

  4. by   KP RN
    I had been seeing this mentally retarded man s/p CABG with nasty infection of the incision daily. He lived with his sister, who was always very sweet and appropriate!
    One day, I'm packing this guy's wound, and sister is in the room. Out of the clear blue, she starts screaming about how she's going to have a nervous breakdown and drop dead on the floor right then. She proceeds to pull her wig off (I had no idea it was a wig), revealing a bald head with just a few long scraggly strands of hair.
    Turns out, poor thing suffered from trichtotilomania (spelling?) where she was compelled to pull her hair out in times of stress!
    OMG!! I thought I was the one who would have a meltdown and drop dead on their floor! I was so shocked!!
    Really scared the pants off me....
    These weirdo family members grrrrrr....