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:angryfireI would like to know what rights I have to refuse visits. Our office covers 2 counties and we have been short staffed practically all year. There is only 1 full time nurse and 1 part... Read More

  1. by   NRSKarenRN
    As an Intake Manager, I hear you lound and clear. Balancing need for clients to create income $$$ for agency against staffing needs is an art form. Met with VP prior to holidays after talking with Cl Mgrs and hearing skeletin staffing due to sickness/death family/PTO times and was able to limit referrals for 2 branches. Have previous experience with old ageny's therapy department having 50 patient backlog: but Mgr didn't tell anybody!

    Communication and documentation is key here:
    "I have a 36 patient caseload, only seeing pts 1Xweek as drivng average 45 minutes btwn patients. Can not accept any more. Part time RN is seing XYZ. Staffing is at a crisis, what plans are there to help situation. I am behind in paperwork. We need more staff. Can office staff see patients for just 1 day so I can get caught up on paperwork. ." No response, document for personal file. "I don"t want to leave but can handle only current case load" followup conversation...

    Been there, said those words and found much better life.