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  1. Hi,

    I'm new to the forum and the boards and wonder if anyone can help me out on a question I have.

    I decided to join the home health arena about six months ago, after working in hospitals for over 12 years, and it's totally opened my eyes!!!
    I had no idea about insurances and the like before and a very limited knowledge still.

    My question involves the elderly, it's breaking my heart that these old people I go to see who are on Medicare or signed up with a Medicare HMO can not afford their medicines. Just what on earth are they supposed to do??? Are there any programs out there that they can sign up with? Is it true that they really have to be on a poverty level before they can receive assistance? Surely, there has to be something, doesn't there??

    Look forward to hearing any suggestions or thoughts you all may have.
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  3. by   hoolahan
    I don't know where you are but in NJ we have a program called pharmaceutical assistance for the aged and disabled. Call your local dept of aging, or make a referral to the social worker. We also have some local charity org's who can offer a one time help with meds, and there are also pharmaceutical companies who offer relief programs, but I don't have the link anymore. Check with your social worker.
  4. by   Mary Dover
    Also, several pharmaceutical companies have "Patient Assistance Programs". Most can probably be found online, also the different companies addresses/phone #s are listed in the PDR. These programs have proven to be invalualable for a lot of the patients I have worked with. The application process can get time consuming, and may be a little embarrassing for the patient, who has to be willing to provide certain financial information to the company. But in the long run, hundreds or even thousands of dollars may be saved on the cost of meds. Good luck. Email me if there's anything I can help with as far as company contacts, etc.
  5. by   lisadavis
    Brighteyes, welcome to homecare. i do not know what state you are in so it would be best to check with local Dept. of Human Services. if the elderly people have less that $2000.00 monthly income/savings they may qualify for Medicaid services. Medicaid has a program called Elderly Waiver that can provide homecare assistance to the elderly. check with your state/county for participation
  6. by   kids
    of drug companies, drug lists and programs available...

  7. by   BrightEyes
    Thanks very much everyone, I'll start looking into your suggestions. Oh, btw, living in AZ.