Sharing A Caseload

  1. Hey... I wanted to know if anyone else has done this.

    The team I'm on has several "pairs", usually an RN and an LPN, who share a caseload. The RN case manages, and the LPN does mostly revisits during the episode.

    I've started doing this, now that my caseload is filling up, with an LPN, who sees a lot of my daily patients and my overflow (she has to see 8 patients a day for productivity, but she doesn't do OASIS, HCA evals or consults). We are going to start having a meeting every week to talk about the patients and set up a game plan so neither one of us is overwhelmed, right now I am starting to get that way because it seems like a lot of my patients are coming up for recerts and I have to see everyone on the caseload at least once every two weeks (particularly the ones with a HCA) so I'm getting a little confused.

    I need a spreadsheet, I guess (G)

    I just had my three month eval and it was pretty good, I suppose being anal is good for something, though it is making me crazy (this job has so many ways to drive yourself nutz with details).

    I am very thankful we have software that prompts me when someone is coming up for recert or needs their 485 signed. I don't know how I'd do all this on paper, I'd lose my beans.
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  3. by   hoolahan
    Hi Ro,

    I have "shared a case load" w two other rn's, so that three of us PT'ers made up a week. It sucked. I was 3 days a week,so I did all the scheduling, and had to manage all the recerts, etc...

    Working w a RN/LPN team is much more realistic, that way, you supplement each other. Just be nice and try to keep geographically as close as possible, since she has to do more visits.

    I will tell yuu a secret. I used this credit-card sized day-planner, you can check it out at they do have one for 2003. It is a mini weekly scheduler. I put in all my visits, and pltted out all the recerts, and HHA sup's, so I never missed one. Also plotted in when a pt had a doc appt, so I wouldn't schedule them on that day. This meant less wasted time and wasted visits, which wasted my time a lot less. In the front and back cover, and any other pages, like time zones page, and metric equiv page, I slapped on a sticker, and put in my most freq used numbers, pharms, DME co's o2 suppliers, community resources like MOW's, etc... Also exit for intake,liaison's,HHA schedulers, etc.. I had virtually every single thing I needed in that teensy book that fit in my pocket. When it came time to do the schedule, I was able to get it done in 5 min, cuz I did it all week as I went along. So my pt's who needed labs knew when to fast etc... Very very efficient. Now, to share, a palm would be ideal, since you could beam info to each other's palms, but not as easy to flip back and forth as paper.

    Hope that helped.
  4. by   RoAbreu

    Thanks, I like something that fits in my pocket or waist bag! They gave me a planner but it's notebook sized and I was wondering if I would use it, realistically.

    I've bookmarked the page, prolly will order the smallest one in weekly format. Good idea!
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    I put my caseload on a spreadsheet that I kept on computer--- used the weekly planner agency requested. I added one column that was for foley change/labs due; other was for recert/hha sups. Printed it out weekly and added to it daily visits, reassignments pt LPN, admits. Faxed copy to office each week.

    I loved being teamed with an LPN. Wish my current agency would use this approach. Used voice mail to communicate weekly game plan for my caseload with LPN and any additions. I started out late 9AM after getting kids off to school--got home 6-7PM; LPN's did early 7-8 AM visits. I would leave VM by 10 PM each night so they'ed listen before bed or in AM. I would listen to their VM response while eating breatfast in AM. That worked for me. Every two weeks I called them around 5 PM to discuss overall case....urgent changes via page/cell phone call.

    I still have all my main contact #'s on two cheat 8-11 sheets---pharmacies, DME, O2 suppliers, Portable xray/abg's, office of aging contacts, Hospice on one form. All my agency contacts on other; fax numbers one side----home visiting Docs/podiatrists another. These are my life lines. I now have to print it in 9 font;phone 's 10 font to squeese it all in. Too many mergers in my area to remember current names of companies.

    Now my Intake departments Referral/hospital contact list has grown to 12 pages for Philly area. I keep all updated on computer for department.

    Nowdays, if I was in field FT would have all synched to a Palm type device.

    Still haven't mastered my Palm. Not enough time/fresh brain cells. Think I need your hands on instruction.
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  6. by   shudokan-RN
    I probably dont see the volume that you do, but we use a 3x5 card system. one card for each day /procedure , oasis ,485, lab draw,supervisory,foot care etc.
    I have 2 recipe boxes w/ month and daily dividers so I can have he current month and the next one organized. We find it helpful, and It helps organize your day/week