RN doing CNA visits

  1. The RN's at the agency I work at are required to cover CNA visits when they call in sick or do not have enough staff. Do other agencies do this? What do other agencies do when CNA's call in sick and visits need to be made? Any advise on how to change this? Thanks
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  3. by   berube
    the only time i can remember have to fill in as an aide was when we had so many aides out due to the flu and there were patients to cover, that i offered to assists my patients as i was making a nursing visit that day also, but that could only be charged as a RN visit, for the aide it would of been a missed visit to keep with the frequency....remember in HH we are suppose to have able willing caregivers and this sounds like a time when the caregiver needs to assist. seems like in HH there is always "scrammbling" to do!
  4. by   caliotter3
    I was offered such a visit one time. They offered to pay me a couple of dollars more than the HHA pay. I didn't take it. It was way too far away to drive for that kind of pay. I wouldn't have done it even if they paid me LN pay.
  5. by   HmarieD
    I have done it. LOL, I felt completely inadequate! I never minded doing bed baths in the hospital but it's been a long time since I did it regularly, our HHA has it down to a science and fine art, so us RN's look like we're all thumbs when we have to fill in! Regarding the pay issue, I worked on an hourly pay basis so I got paid the same. berube is correct about the billing issue.
  6. by   berube
    oh i agree, when i had to be the "aide for a day", my patients was laughing, i was all thumbs, couldnt find anything and ended up in sweat!! aides have a hard , hard job! kudos to all of them