Question for HHA instructors re Home Health Aide Textbooks

  1. I am assisitng in editing a homehealth aide textbook. Are there any concerns you have about current textbooks you'd like to share.

    Stressing punctuality, reliability and accountability. Planning for colored pics, computer program and asked for power point presentation.

    I've asked the reading level be on 5-6th grade level since many persons who enter HHA training have english as a second language.

    I do not see agency's in Philly area allowing home health aides to disempact or administer SS or fleets enema's---a common need for disabled clients to have bowel regemin followed. What about rest of the country?

    In PA, aides can not apply any prescription ointment like silvadene, bactroban, etc.

    Included OASIS, HIPPA, patients right to privacy, updated communication skills + cultural diversity, client's rights and client abuse. Any areas you would like to see emphasized or problematic in current textbooks?

    Please feel free to PM me.
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  3. by   JennyHHRN
    Perhaps a chapter on professional boundaries. Home health aides (in some cases)spend the most amount of time with the patient/families. I had a hard time finding education materials that address this important issue in home care. Some examples of this: sharing personal problems or issues of an intimate nature with patients, accepting expensive gifts or personal property of the patient, borrowing money or going in on financial agreements with patients, etc...
    Home care is such a unique and special niche, and I know how hard it is not to feel a bond or closeness with those you provide care for on a daily basis.
  4. by   renerian
    Karen I am off to work shortly but will respond later today after I have some time to think about it. Thanks for asking and working on the book on behalf of all of us.

  5. by   renerian
    Karen I just noticed the date of this thread being started LOL I am a bit late. Nevermind!

    renerian :chuckle
  6. by   JennyHHRN
    I'm such a blonde!!!! I'm glad Renerian is observant. I completely overlooked the date. Sorry. Did you accomplish the project? I'm interested.