1. I have an interview scheduled for next week and was told that in addition to an exam on medication administration, there will also be a test on PT/INR. I'm familiar with INRatio, but what types of questions could be asked?
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  3. by   jmgrn65
    what is theraputic (sp) range?
  4. by   abgstat
    Thanks for the reply. . . that's about the only question I could think of, but an entire quiz on PT/INR?? I can't imagine what else could be asked!?
  5. by   bshaw96
    Yeh, normal ranges is all I can think of too. Does the agency use the PT/INR machine? Maybe they want you to be proficient in that, though no big deal, like a glucometer only a little more tempermental. Precautions for patients maybe? Hmmm, let me know what a whole quiz was about.
  6. by   caliotter3
    Have you tried putting this into a search engine to see what you come up with? I've googled a lot of things that I have questions about and have come up with some pretty good references to help me.
  7. by   abgstat
    Thanks, everyone! I'll let you know all about it after tomorrow!
  8. by   abgstat
    Well, it turns out it was just 3 questions. What do the results tell you? How do you operate it? and the last I can't remember. It was part of one of the 3 tests I had to take, the others being ventilator management and trach care. Quite an afternoon of multiple choice! my vision is blurry
    Again, thanks for the ideas!
  9. by   DriBak
    Peripheral INR monitoring is contraindicated for anemic patients.
  10. by   jaxnRN
    Quote from DriBak
    Peripheral INR monitoring is contraindicated for anemic patients.

    I did not know this! Something I need to look into. Thanks for the info.