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  1. Does anyone have a falls risk assessment fo peds. We just went through a Joint Commission survey and they want us to have a risk assessment for peds in the home setting. Can you share with me please?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Have one somewhere, but have to find it. When I find it I will post for you.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Haven't been able to locate the one for peds yet but did find one for adult. Maybe you could modify this. It has a lot on it about ambulating, so that wouldn't be appropriate for anyone who doesn't walk yet. Will continue looking for the peds one for you. This is typed out in a straight format. On the form there are nice boxes for everything.

    Adult Fall Risk Assessment Tool
    Instructions: Check applicable items and add total score
    I. Age
    80 or more years old 3
    70-79 years old 1
    II. Mental Status
    Oriented at all times 0
    Confused at all times 3
    Intermittent confusion 2
    III. Recent Hospitalization
    Within last month 2
    IV. Elimination
    100% dependent 0
    Catheter and/or ostomy 1
    Elim. with assistance 3
    Independent & continent 5
    V. Falling within past 6 mos
    No hx of falling 0
    Has fallen 1or2times before 2
    Hx of mult falls/fractures 5
    VI. Visual impairment
    Visually impaired 1
    Wears glasses 1

    Assess the pt's gait by having him/her: 1)Stand in 1 spot with both feet on ground
    for 30 sec without holding onto something; 2)walk straight forward; 3)walk through
    doorway; 4)walk making a turn

    VII. Gait and Balance
    Wide base support 1
    Loss of balance while
    standing 1
    Balance probs when walking 1
    Decrease of muscular
    coordination 1
    gait 1
    When walking thru a door-
    way holds on or changes
    gait pattern 1
    Jerking or instability when
    making turns 1
    Use of furniture when trans-
    ferring or walking 1
    VIII. Meds

    ETOH Anesthetic Antihistamines Antihypertensives
    Cathartics Diuretics Hypoglycemic Narcotics
    Sed/hypnotics Anticonvulsants Psychotropics Benzodiazepines Other

    IX. How many meds from the above groups is pt taking?
    No meds 0
    One med 1
    Two or more meds 2
    With a change of med and/or dosage in the past 5 days, add one point to the med

    Drop in systolic bp of 20 mg Hg or more between lying and standing 2

    X. Impairments
    Limited ROM/muscle strength 0
    None 1
    Arm(s) 1
    Leg(s) 2

    Environment clear 0
    cluttered 1

    A score of 10 or above indicates a risk of falling. Reassessment to be completed at
    least annually or more often as risk indicates.
  5. by   nrsbetrn
    Thanks for the info. I have an assessment for adults but need one for peds. Thanks for looking and let me know if you find something.
  6. by   caliotter3
    Still looking for the peds version. Got boxes of junk to go though. When I find it, will be sure to provide the info. As a matter of fact, I may have had two versions of a peds fall risk assessment. Just have to find them.