Over utilization of LVN's in Home Health

  1. I work at a medium sized home health agency in Southern California. I have worked at the same agency for over 9 years. My agency use to be “PRO RN” and most visits done by a RN except for stuff like daily wound care or like daily injections (Lovenox, Insulin);this makes it easier to case manage your patients. Over the last couple of years they have not been as much “PRO RN” the patient is seen once for a SOC and once again for discharge or RECERT. I feel this is not proper case management. A lot of times I am stuck doing am doing non-visit discharges and not getting paid for my time and effort does this happen often?
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    It sounds as if you have focused on your agency's policy changes to take umbrage at the individuals who benefit from those changes. It would be like the LVN's getting upset at the RN's that have been taking more and more long term care jobs in my area. Employers hire and utilize employees as it suits them. I would hazard a guess that the LVN's are not earning the same visit rate, but substantially less, leaving more money in the pockets of the agency.