office support for home health nurses

  1. Interested in knowing what kind of office support others have as home health nurse - i'm easily taking 30 phone calls a day from md offices; office staff -- hard to do that as well as see 6-9 patients daily
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  3. by   ftcarenurse
    Hi littlekackrn,

    The home health office I work at consist of the administrator (who is also a nurse but is only at the office part time, three case managers who are also nurses (1 RN also doubles as nursing supervisor, and two LVNs)-there job is to assign, coordinated and schedule visits, follow regarding calls to MD and clarify orders, inform the staff particulars such as code to enter apt building of the patients home, come at a certain time because person has dialysis ect..., order supplies and equipment, inform nurses of any changes, new MD orders ect...), the billing person, QA person and another person who I don't know what her position is. Yes it is hard to take calls out in the field and delays our time so I try to make calls after visits or when I must defer the calls to the office I do so.
  4. by   annefrisbe
    Do any of your agencies use texting apps to reduce the number of calls? I find texting a much less intrusive way to communicate with back office.
  5. by   BBP42
    My workplace has a "team facilitator", a LPN who works back at the office. If we are having trouble reaching a doctor for orders/clarification or need supplies, we can email all the info to her and she will help take care of it. We also communicate mostly by secure email with each other.