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What do you all pack to take on the road and how? I have tried freeing water bottles, but I forget to put them in freezer the day before, or forget to take them with me. I hestitate to accept offers... Read More

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    Chased by a herd of sheep? :chuckle
    Well, sheep aren't the brightest bulbs in the package ya know....

    {psssst: it's a "flock"}
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    Gotta confess...I'm terminally disorganized, especially when half-awake in the am. Have been known to make myself a lunch, and leave it sitting on the counter or at the front door!

    So, it's usually fast food. Tim Horton's Donuts does a decent 6" sub with tuna or turkey, for the calorie-counters, and so does Subway. Subway also does half-decent fresh salads and soup. I try to avoid McD's, but I do love their milkshakes.

    In summer, I have several bottles of water rolling around the floor of the car. Sometimes I remember to freeze one for the next day, sometimes not. If I really want a cold drink, I buy a fresh bottle. One of my pt's knows I like bottled water, and usually offers me a cold one out of the fridge!

    As for bathroom breaks....I try to pick houses that I know are clean. Often, I'll use a fast food restaurant, and I know the ones that have nice rest rooms, and won't yell at me if I don't buy anything. I also keep packaged towlettes in my glove box. Drugstores up here are also selling small bottles of hand sanitizer, and the nurses are BIG customers!! Some nurses even recommend the patients buy them, esp. if they are immunosuppressed.

    Oh yeah. Went for a fitness test, where they use an electrical gadget to measure body fat. It also shows hydration status. Guess what? I was dehydrated! (And this was AFTER supper, too!)

    Body, no, I'm not telling. I'm dieting, but I'm not telling! :-D
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