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    I just accepted a position with a pediatric home health agency. I won't be doing visits. I will be doing one on one patient care with patients of all diagnoses. I have worked in a pediatric ICU for the last two years and it isn't for me. I hated the night shift, and I hated working 12s in the hospital, and I hated how I felt like I was taking care of equipment and not a patient. For example, I would have a lot of kiddos on ventilators and drips. It was a cardiovascular surgical floor. It just felt like there was no time to get to know the patient before you were transferring them out to a new floor. Home health is a brand new experience for me. I feel like I will enjoy the different diagnoses (all I have experience with is cardiac), and I will like the day shift, smaller shifts, and one on one care. HOWEVER... I am worried about how this will effect my career. I'm worried that if I end up wanting to go into a new specialty later on, I will have a hard time getting into the hospital again. As of right now, IDK if I want to go back to the hospital or not. But I also don't want to do home health for the rest of my life, either. I would like to get a masters eventually in education or leadership, and I really don't want my experience to keep me from these things. I am just lost on what to do! Any advice would be great
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Many nurses hold a part time extended care job to supplement their hospital job, or other full time nursing position. No matter what kind of schedule and job mix you choose, there is the possibility of stagnation if you are not proactive in moving around once in awhile. Actively look for another area of nursing and establish yourself there while relegating extended care to the back burner. For example, M - F office nurse during regular hours, or four shifts office nurse and two shifts on the weekend in extended care. Any kind of schedule will work as long as it gives you the variety you seek. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities here and there.
  4. by   Carpiogirl1
    I agree. It is possible to do both. Stay PRN at the other job to keep up skills. Learn if HH is right for you. Agencies can vary so try out a few if you can to see what is out there. You may like Triage, case management but these are not going to be 1:1. Good luck!