New to HH-questions about job searching!

  1. First I want to say thanks for the very helpful threads about a day in Home health. I am switching to home health and the information about a regular day in home health is very helpful!

    Few questions- anyone who has any insights are much appreciated!

    I've never done home health care nursing. I have been a pediatric staff nurse at hospitals for the last ~7 years. Was also thinking about doing Adult med surg home care.

    Is it a better idea to start as pediatric HHN and then get trained as adult HHN once I have an idea of HHN?

    Also, what is important information to learn when going on interviews at HH companies? What questions should I be asking at the interviews?

    What is the best way to search for a job in HH? I am new to MD and dont really know the health systems here or HH companies.
    Thanks a lot!
    Would love some feedback!
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    hey mimi~
    i just posted right after you, i just got a position in hhc, i am on the eastern shore of md. i won't be starting until mid~oct.
    some of the questions i asked were how do thay pay, hourly or by the visit.
    how long is orientation, what is the call schedule and how does that work, do you have to travel really far possibly?
    what kind of back up is there if i need a question answered?
    some of the questions i didn't ask but will is, is the pay different for acuity differences?
    i asked to ride with a nurse and they set it up for me, i also asked a couple of nurses that worked there how they liked it and 1 or 2 that i knew quit, why.(paperwork)
    i was hired from me calling them for me to interview them basically, before i even knew there would be a position posted, and was hired. my "official" interview is next week and i am writing down some more questions for then. so i will be checking back here!
    good luck to you~ i am sure there will be some rough days ahead as i learn, but i am working in an er now i some days i just can't catch my breath, at least on the road i can pull over and breathe !!

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    thanks a lot for the reply! those are great questions and I appreciate it! Good luck on your interview. If you come across any other words of advice or any ideas of good ways to research and find reputable companies I am all ears. Thanks a lot!
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    Finding a good company is pretty much a matter of word of mouth. You can call around and ask if they are hiring and what is the rate of pay and other benefits, but opinions usually have to be gleaned from current or previous employees and/or clients. Your peds experience will be very valued by an agency that has peds cases. You can start with any kind of case that you would like to try. The trick is to get the best orientation to the case that is possible. After reading a copy of the plan of care and a list of the meds, arrange a visit for an orientation from a nurse on the case, and then take it from there. If you get bad vibes on your first "get to know the patient and family" visit, you can refuse the case. Then just use this process until you find a case that you would like to work on. Since you are in MD, you can probably find a Maxim office in your city. They are a nationwide hh and staffing agency that some people have good experiences with. Their corporate headquarters is in MD. Good luck with finding your place in hh!
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    Thanks for your input. I actually was not as interested in shift work as i am in visiting nursing or skilled nursing. Do you know, is it difficult to find work as a visiting nurse in peds?
    Thanks a lot for your input!