need help with BSN practicum

  1. Hi everybody. I am completing RN-BSN online, and I need to take practicum in the last cemester. I need to find home health agency that could provide preceptor 1 on 1 with home care. I live in NY. So far I didn't find any agency who provides practicum. Does anyone has any information on this subject?
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  3. by   renerian
    Just need to clarify. Are you looking for a preceptor and a place to do your training as a job or for free? I recently worked for a company and signed as the contact person, did conferences for/documentation etc, for a person getting her BSN distance. She worked there and got paid for the training (her job), but I signed her off.

    Or, are you looking for an agency that will let you care for their patients as in a student rotation? If you are you will need to contract with the agency, have insurance etc unless your school has signed a contract. I don't think home health agencies would let you care for their clients without being an employee or contracting and covering all the legal bases.

  4. by   nursesearl
    Where in NY do you live? I know of several agencies in the southern tier who you could precept with.
  5. by   marinka
    Hi renerian,
    I am looking for a job and clinicals. So far, no home health agency would provide it even when I tell them I will work for them. I am licensed in NY and FL. I made about 20 calls and no luck. I am running out of options. I would greatly appretiate any help.
  6. by   marinka
    Hi Isearl,
    I live in Brooklyn, but I can travel anywhere in NY.
  7. by   nursesearl
    I used to work for the Allegany County Department of Health. Poorest county in the state, very rural. They do mostly home health. Quite a bit different than Brooklyn! Their number is 585 268 9250. PM me and I'll give you more details and names and places you can stay.
  8. by   marinka
    Hi Isearl,
    I appretiate your help very much. I found it on the map, but it is very far from Brooklyn. Do you know anything closer to the city? Perhaps Westchester, Orange, or Rockland couty? If I don't find anything closer to the city, I will go to Allegany.
    thanks again
  9. by   nursesearl

    Sorry, I don't know of anything in that area. Let me know if you need any help if you need to come to Allegany County. Lynn
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  10. by   nursesearl

    Do you guys in Brooklyn realize there is an "upstate" to NY? HaHa! We are about 7 hours from you.
  11. by   marinka
    Hi Lynn,
    I know what you mean. My relatives and friends are in Brooklyn. 7 hours by car seems kinda far to visit them on weekends. By the time I get there the weekend would be over