Minimally invasive spine surgery

  1. I have been having pain in my left hip for years. Likely from getting up and down from floors doing wound care, I have been to 5 different Drs. An ortho, 3 spinal pain Drs and now an appointment coming up with a spine surgeon. So far, I have had numerous injections. Some worked for a while, others less than a week. I have been a RN for 29 years, with 7 years in Home Health. In the past, I could get out of bed, take 800mg Ibuprofen and work all day. Then, I am told my renal function is impaired and I had to stop all NSAIDS. Celebrex was incredible for me. So, now I am taking Tylenol 500mg twice a day and seem to do ok. Sure enough, my liver enzymes are going up. I have had medication Rx with all their enzyme effects, Physical Therapy which worked until I walked out of the facility door, then nothing. I have had countless injections. I am now at the point of being sick of all these temporary fixes and need to get to the root of things. I looked at 1 of 3 MRI's. The spine pain Dr reviewed it with me and I can pinpoint the pain with my finger and even spot the area on the MRI. I have to work out in the field for at least another 8 years. Has anyone had this minimally invasive spine procedure for L4/S1 stenosis. Tell me it works on a permanent basis. PLEASE???? Any info or suggestions on how to keep working with less pain????
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    I m sorry you are experiencing this....I had back surgery many years was invasive. While it helped the acute pain I had pain that would come and go my entire career.....35 years.....Ibuprofen was and is my savior. I loved Vioxx....then they took it of the market.

    We cannot give medical advice as per the Terms of Service....I wish you the best.

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