Medicare Resources for Researching Inpatient Discharges within 14 Days homcare admit

  1. on april 20, 2004, the centers for medicare and medicaid services issued
    to medicare contractors a provider education article entitled "medicare
    resources for researching inpatient discharges within 14 days of a home
    health admission." this article will be made available to home health
    agencies by the regional home health intermediaries. to access the
    article on the cms website, agencies may go to:
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  3. by   renerian
    Unfortunately we do not always get complete information from the rehab facilities and many of our patients have mental impairment so we don't know all the information at the SOC. We are getting several of these rejections per week.

  4. by   renerian
    This has stopped with our agency most of the time now. I am trying to get more information at the time of referral but wow it is hard when clients jump from place to place. Luckily many of the nurses document this information and I can capture it there.