Is this typical in home health?

  1. Hey all! I'm new to home health nursing (well, even just nursing in general) and I just started working with a family last week. My pt is an older teen, non verbal and is wc and bed bound. I've noticed since my second day that his family basically ignores both of us for my entire shift of 8 hours (3pm - 11pm). They'll come home from work and not say anything to either of us or even greet him at all. There is a language barrier between me and the parents, so I understand them not speaking much to me (another teen translates between us) I'm more concerned that none of them ever make an effort to spend time with him. I love working with him but his family makes me feel super awkward. I plan on sticking around for at least my first year, so I was wondering if this is typical of the families in home health nursing.
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  3. by   Elektra6
    Sure. It's better than a hovering family. I think the families need a break sometimes.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Much, much better than the hovering family members. At least they come home and are available should there be a change of condition or an emergency. Also agree that they might have gone beyond their limits, since the patient is a teen. I once worked with a patient who was 11 or 12. The primary nurse had been with the family from the time the child was in the hospital after birth. She described parents who were deep in the nurses' 'business' so to speak. Many nurses were run off through the years. Not long after I went to another case, I was told that the parents could not take it any longer and placed their son in an institution. These people could be that tired, not necessarily choosing to be neglectful.
  5. by   McHoltzmann
    That makes sense. Thank you for your feedback! I was just surprised when the family would rarely ever talk to him. And I'm DEFINITELY thankful that they don't hover! Things have gotten a bit better since I started and we're all starting to bond a little bit more.