Interview for Home Health, input please

  1. I graduated in May and am currently working in an ICU. I hate it. period. It is a difficult unit culture and unsafe staffing levels exist, nurses and support staff leave as soon as they can, and it is basically a hospital wide problem as well.

    I really enjoyed my time in clinical and the whole aspect and philosophy of community nursing so I originally tried to get a position in home health at graduation and was told to gain experience and then come back. Out of desperation I finally started applying again for home health after only 6 months (I can't take it anymore) and I have an interview MONDAY! I am very excited because they really ask for 1 year experience but are giving me an interview considering I have critical care experience and my work history otherwise.

    Why don't I like ICU? I don't get that one on one for my patients in ICU like I think they need and as far as staffing, we will usually have three patients that are usually very acute....and this is a new grad dealing with this. Physically I am already having muculoskeletal issues due to the amount of turning and positioning of patients. I have a difficult time with the acuity level as well, i feel like I'm in a car going 100mph with a wobbly tire ready to blow and I feel like I'm going to make a huge mistake and hurt a pt due to being rushed and missing something or making a med error. This is why I felt hospital nursing was wrong for me from the start but I took the job and felt I could handle it for a year. I can't. I feel bad about myself because I am an adult and am very capable normally, but this icu position is the first time I really have felt like walking away from a commitment.

    I feel very guilty about looking for another job, and I dread having to give notice if I get this position, but on the other hand I will be pursuing my original goal of HH nursing.

    Can you tell me the honest truth about the good and bad of home health? I have my own opinions, but no experience other than school clinicals, care to share? I am a very good interviewer but I would like some tips on strengths to highlight in an interview. Thanks in advance and pray for me if you read this.
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  3. by   jammycakesRN
    Some people are under the impression that patients in their home are safe & stable, which is not always the case. These days hospitals are pressured to discharge patients too soon. Which means home health nurses walk into a home with a patient that is VERY sick & in need of LOTS of monitoring. Impossible to do in a 30-60min visit. Make sure you are confident in making decisions about care alone, because there's not another seasoned nurse sitting down the're it. I have great nurses in my agency & they are great at helping when they are available. But they are busy with their own patients and aren't always able to answer the phone when I call.
    I've gotten patients sent home with physician orders for procedures I've never even done before @ the hospital or clinic, much less in a private home & nobody available by phone to answer my questions. Once I googled the procedure & ended up watching a video on YouTube!
  4. by   lovingtheunloved
    I too, have had to Google.