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  1. I am inactive LPN. I have been on long-term disability and SSDI for three years. When my license was up for renewal in 2006, I just placed it on inactive status. My license at the time was in Ohio.
    I am contemplating on returning to the field. My dr. suggested that I try Home Health because it would be more flexible. And, she does not want me working full-time. And, she felt that I would be able to handle HH as vs hospital nursing.
    I used to work in psychiatric hospital, and it was physically demanding at times. Also, I worked too many hours - way more than my body allowed. Funny, I started out per diem with requests of no back to backs.(aft. shift followed by dayturn) Then eventually working FT hrs., but upgraded only to PT status. Then moved on to FT status with OT every pay before I got sick. On my days off, I was too exhausted to do anything. Of course, it led to exacerbation of my chronic illness.(sarcoidosis) So, I have been out of work since June of 2004.
    My nursing experience is mainly behavioral health. Besides, working in psych hospital, I worked in a drug rehab for 18 months.
    The only other experience that I have is VERY LIMITED. I worked in a nursing home for a mere few weeks, and PT. (IN May, 1997) I felt an exacerbation of my illness coming on again.
    I did not return to work until July of 1998. Then, my position was an LPN in drug rehab. I worked there for 18 months before they closed.
    Then, my next postion was in the psych hospital.
    I really have no med-surg exp. I graduated from nursing school in 1996. In fact, I started to become ill while training in rn school. I failed a med/surg course. But I was so far into the program, that I was able to attend LPN program for just one quarter than take my PN Boards. MY intention was to return to the rn course, however, my illness kept getting in the way. It seems to have periods of remissions and exacerbations. In fact, it flared while I was in the practical nursing program. I did not even get to graduate with my class due to being in the hospital. But, I took board and passed in Mar. 97, and my first job was in May of 97. But, I was just there briefly. I think that it may have been too soon, and it was just too physical and stressful.
    However,we did have a geri-psych ward for awhile at the psych hospital that I worked. I did work that unit FT.
    So, now I am 50. I had been thinking about trying to get back to hospital where I worked before I went on hospital. My family all think that I am nuts. I told them that it would just be PT. But, my husband has threatened to leave me, if I went back there. He is afraid that my health will decline, again. In fact, he does not even want me to go to work. But, financially, I MUST. Our bills are always behind and that stress bothers me, more than any job would.
    My health has been quite stable. I have managed to stay out of hospital for over a year. I would lilke to return to work.
    With my limited background, would I be able to work in HH? Also, I am interested in Hospice. I am sure that I would need to take a refresher course. My first step will be to go through Vocational Rehab. But, please any comments, or information that you could give me are greatly aprreciated!
    Sorry, for being so winded in this post.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    home health nurses need to have strong medical surgical experience. lpn's i've worked with in the past did a lot of our heavy cases providing wound care, diabetic instruction, medication instruction etc.
    private duty was often for patients with vent/trach/g-tube feedings.
    many homes have less than ideal conditions. that said, there is a significant need for nurses who can do part time work. 2-3days week might be just enough to satisfy your nursing spirit. ask to shadow a nurse for a day to get a feel for position and agency.

    one area that might appeal to you is working for agency/facility that specializes in developmentally disabled who live in group homes. lpn's are used to case manage lay caregivers, monthly med and physical assessments, arrange doctor appointments etc. working in an assisted living/adult day care/ retirement center as wellness nurse are avenues to consider too.

    have you looked at advance for lpns website: lots of info and job postings for lpn's.

    good luck in finding a position.
  4. by   lc177985
    I am an lpn that does home health and has not worked in med-surg before but had 100+ hours of clinicals in that area. I do quite a bit of skilled nursing - suprapubic catheter changes, suctioning, trache care, wound care, skin integrity assessment and problem solving, diabetic care, physical therapy, etc. I only work part-time and love it but it is more involved than I thought. I had a wonderful med-surg teacher and have a great RN team in the office who are always available for advice. I also had a few shifts of orientation before I started. I was able to review the cases/shifts available and pick the ones that worked for me. If you can do that then it may work out just fine.
  5. by   caliotter3
    I believe that you could manage your schedule and the type of clients you see as well as getting assistance with getting into the hang of things in hh if you have a heart to heart talk with the Director of Clinical Services at an agency that is known as a good agency. You only have one patient. Many cases are relatively easy. If you work night shift, you get to sit down a lot and monitor your client. This would be a good assignment for someone coming off of disability. And you can limit your shifts per week until you build up your strength. You can work as little or as much as you are physically able to handle. Good luck if you try hh.