How Nurses Can Help Patients, Families Determine the Right Time for Hospice

  1. How Nurses Can Help Patients, Families Determine the Right Time for Hospice
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  3. by   Mijourney
    Hi Karen. Very good article. Since the BBA of 1997, hospice has flourished, IMO. Prior to that, some HHA would not take on hospice or could not get a CON (certificate of need) if it was required in their state. With the aging and increased disability of the population, hospice will definitely be increasingly needed.

    I know the concept of hospice is to address end of life issues, but what about chronic pain management. Is that something that hospice could provide expertise on?
  4. by   hoolahan
    I recently found out we have lost pt's on our survice to other home health hospices, b/c our nurses did not tell family members about hospice!

    I did two recent referrals, one for an alzheimer's pt who recently b/c bedbound, and one for a pt with end-stage copd.

    The dtr of the alzheimer's pt remarked to me when I suggested a meet n greet hospice visit, that she was just told by a friend that hospice was not just for people with cancer. That was her inpression, so, I am figuring, that represents a lot of John Q Public then.

    Talked with the hospice nurse to tell her about the new referral and asked if the other lady had signed on, they said yes. They also got the dtr to buy into the foley, which I thought was needed more for the caregiver than the pt actually. She has been very pleased since it was put in I am told.

    I absolutely see hospice as an excellent pain management resource.

    I just got a flyer about a series of hospice seminars and oncology seminars, being given by Fox Chase Cancer Center in Phila, and they have an excellent rep. I am thinking of going.