How many of you are on laptop?

  1. Our agency nurses are on laptop and I was wondering how many other nurses are on laptop and what do you feel about this method of documentation. I have been on laptop for 2 years now and really love it. It is hard getting use to though. Once you get use to it there isn't a better method. I hate paper now.
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  3. by   sunnygirl272
    we are on laptop...looooove it...
  4. by   NRSKarenRN

    We are in final stages of laptop implementation project: orientaion for management starts tomorrow! Intake expected date to go live is August 26th and field staff day after Labor Day.

    Agency picked McKesson HBOC Pathways with Diagnosis caremaps. Anyone experrienced with this system + willing offer words of advice???

    We have 3 agencies that we are converting to this system. Discussed with VP friday that we shuld pick August 15th as date to print active patients and start data entry from then. Do you think this is doable---1 agency gets 100 pts/month. Another 1150/month and mine 700-800/month.

    Any advice welcome.
  5. by   nursecheryl
    The agency I'm with right now is using pathways and I love it. The agency I was with previously had the diagnosis care maps and they worked out for medicare patients but not reasonable to use with a patient with insurance due to need to get in and out as quickly as possibly. Are you starting with a small group of nurses and slowly adding to the pool of laptop nurses. This is how we did it. We trained a handful at a time. I was lucky to be the second group. I think it took over a year to get everyone on laptop. Let me know how it goes. They also wrote an article in Home Health Care Nurse the journal for the home care and hospice professional volume 19 issue december 2001 about our agency.