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  1. Hi, just starting in HH and looking for apps that would allow me to track number of visits per day, oncall days/pay, total mileage, business expenses, etc. This agency pays .25 per mile and subtracts 42 miles per day that they consider to/from work. I want to track to see if there is a better way to do my taxes.

    I have been hunting, so far haven't seen anything specific that would allow me to track number of visits, on call pay etc. It sure eould make my life easier though!
    Any thoughts appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Libby1987
    I don't know of any apps but I'm curious, where do they come up with the 42 miles?
  4. by   jlynn2303
    They subtract 21 miles commute to work and 21 miles from work. The last place I worked it was 18 miles each way. My commute was 2.5 miles, so I had to wat the rest of the mileage.
  5. by   Libby1987
    What the heck? You're penalized for living close to the office? I'd want to encourage that.
  6. by   jlynn2303
    I thought so too! Makes sense to me, but, no. When I worked for hospice and had a lot of local patients, I could not get paid at all for mileage a lot of days. In this job, (HH) I can easily drive 85 miles to my first patient, 85 home, and maybe 10-15 miles from pt to pt in that area. So, from this they will subtract 42 miles off the top, then pay me .25 cents per mile for the rest. I checked the IRS site and in order to claim mileage from home to my first patient, I have to have a dedicated home office - my desk is now my dedicated home office space! I would be eating a huge chunk of my mileage expense otherwise. I lived close to the office for hospice - 2.5 miles, but I am an hour and a half from my current office.
  7. by   4boysmama
    I'm not sure that's legal... my office uses the actual mileage from home to office as the exempt mileage for each of us (so it's different for everyone)