Home Health Rates

  1. I'm thinking of taking a home health position PRN. They have emailed me their rate of pay but I'm not sure if their rates are appropriate or not.

    $25/hour in office/meeting
    $50 per SN visit
    $100 per start of care

    $75 recertification
    $75 discharge
    $75 post hospital

    I have never worked in home health before.
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  3. by   BBP42
    Rates vary depending on your state, but where I am this seems pretty fair. I would also factor in if they reimburse your mileage.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Also ask if they provide a cell phone or a stipend for use of your personal phone for the job and if you are paid for time spent doing documentation. Some agencies provide these perks.
  5. by   Destinclair83
    What they’re offering seems pretty fair. Where I work it’s $56 per revisit, $100 SOC, $85 ROC, $75 Recert, mileage is $0.535 per mile and $10 for a not home/not found. They provide the cell phone.
  6. by   RN94
    What state do you work in?
  7. by   RN94
    what state is this?
  8. by   Destinclair83
    If you’re talking to me, I work in PA.
  9. by   GirlMomSquared
    I am in PA and I am per diem RN in HH. I get
    $25/hr in office meeting, trainings
    $46 (1 point) per revisit or RN evaluation (where nursing is being added in after soc)
    $92 for spc (2 points)
    $69 for Roc, recertification (1.5 points)
    On holidays, we get a $3 per "point" increase, so $49 for rv, $98 for soc, etc.
    We have to work a summer and winter holiday and one weekend per month. Mileage is $0.46 per mile but no mileage to first stop or drive home end of day. It's beneficial to schedule starting and ending close to home if you can. We never get raises. You are expected to accept oasis changes and check email daily, and I do not get a phone as per diem. I have to use my personal phone, so patients and their family members call me often when I am not working. The charting and phone calls and prep time are not worth it the rates. I am considering leaving and just working my other set hour job.