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  1. Does anyone know of a national organization for home care? I am a field nurse at a pediatric hospital. I enjoy this field a lot, and since it is growing so rapidly, it would be great if there was a forum for networking. Are there any monthly publications?

    Diane Quinlan, RN, BSN
    The Children's Hospital
    of Philadelphi
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  3. by   Susan F
    The Home Healthcare Nurses Association is great - their monthly journal is worth the $75 membership dues. They also have some local chapters. You can visit their website at www.hhna.org or www.hhna.com (sorry, I forget which)

    Susan F
  4. by   sfleck

    Here's something even better . . . there's a national website called americancaregiver.com that directly connects caregivers with care seekers in their vicinity (or whatever vicinities the caregiver prefers to work in). I believe it will revolutionize the industry, because it gives caregivers and patients much more control, flexibility and freedom of choice (all of which managed care has sadly depleted!).

    Care seekers (private and public) will be able to visit the site and review credentials of caregivers offering the specialized services that the care seeker needs. Then, they will contact the caregiver directly via phone, or through an agency (whichever the caregiver prefers). The site is supposed to eventually also offer shopping and other services for long term care patients and providers. Best of all it's free to join.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
  5. by   funsunsue
    anyone find the correct website yet?
  6. by   DIDI
    I got curious reading posts in this topic, used GoToWorld search, came up with a bunch of pages that where supposed to be about homecare{wrong},mostly selling stuff or servies that have nothing to do with healthcare. I did find several pages with MSN search. Go to {/www.ptct.com/], there are links on that page also, some good ones.I'm still searching, will post if I find good stuff. Hey I could't get either address from above to work//luck//di

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  7. by   DIDI
    Okey I'm not awake, the correct adress is, http://www.ptct.com/
  8. by   BethD
    I think the web site is http://www.ahhna.com/

    it's the only one I came across that was close

    good luck

    Beth RN
  9. by   JudySL
    The national association for homecare is NAHC. Their website is NAHC.org. Hope this helps.
  10. by   hoolahan
    The link doesn't work for the homehealth nurses assoc. I got a Calif-based homecare agency home page with links, etc.. Also, the
    NAHC is VERY expensive, and seems targeted to CEO's and managers in home health. I sent for info on one of their seminars, over $500 for 2 days!!!
    Is there really a homehealth nurse org? With a journal?? I am very interested, please help! Thanks.
  11. by   carolrn2
    Lippincott puts out a wonderful journal called Home Healthcare nurse
    it can be seen and ordered from www.homehealthcarenurse.com

    or www.nuringcenter.com for all their publications

    I'm looking for anyone that works in an agency that utilizes laptops. I'm interested in introducing that to my agency, but I don't know enough about it.