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  1. by   KateRN1
    Quote from Isabelle49
    (to create the 485 is to input data that generates the 485 and this can be done by anyone, to formulate the 485 is to complete the appropriate OASIS, which also includes the care plan and must be done by appropriate licensed personnel)
    I think you are confusing the OASIS with the 485. An OASIS is not necessary to complete a 485 and neither is a 485 necessary to the OASIS. You can have OASIS data collection without a 485 generated. The 485 IS the plan of care and should be completed by the assessing clinician in consultation with the patient and the patient's physician. It is not generated by the OASIS, although it should be driven by the data collected during the assessment process. Some software systems do have the ability to "plug and play" assessments, interventions, and goals included within the OASIS assessment software/forms, but it is not required and certainly not supplied by all vendors.

    If by "create" you mean "type and print," then that is correct. Anyone can type the 485, or even handwrite it (as we used to do in the old days when dinosaurs were our patients). But it must be created, formulated, however you want to put it, by the assessing clinician. In other words, the assessments and interventions that are included in the patients Form 485 Physician Ordered Plan of Care must be decided upon by the assessing clinician in collaboration with the physician and the patient/caregiver.
  2. by   finetune
    KateRN1 : Would you please forward me your 485 template. I'd greatly appreciate it as I am new to hhc and my agency is sorely understaffed (little to no orientation for me
  3. by   KateRN1
    Email me at KateRN1 at hotmail dot com and I will forward it to you.
  4. by   Susan317
    There should be a professional guiding you,but if not there is a nice guide Handbook of Home Health Standards I got it on Amazon. This book provides ICD9 codes and interventions for the care plan.
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  5. by   tiggerifficRN
    i would be very intrested in obtaining a copy of this also if you don't mind..i am an RN new to the home care atomsphere and this may be a godsend..As i am having difficulty..I have been an ER nurse for most of my carreer and writing careplans and goals and interventions is over my head as i have not had to do this since nursing school...thanks so much