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  1. Hello everyone!

    I was offered a home health RN position yesterday. Since my experience had only been in acute care and education, I would like to have some input on the offer.

    This is a weekend RN position, working primarily Saturday/Sunday/Monday. The supervisor told me that I would likely be doing 3-4 admits on Saturdays and Sundays and 1-2 daily visits. Monday is reserved as a "call the MD" and office day. I won't have my own caseload since it's a weekend only position. There is call Saturday and Sunday 5pm-8pm. The pay is $43,500 per year with yearly merit raises, excellent benefits (cheap too), and $0.47 per mile. The orientation is 6-8 weeks full time. They will have me go another month or so working part time hours before I'm released to the weekends.

    I've done the weekend program in the past. It works well with me teaching clinicals 1-2 days per week.
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  3. by   SoCalGalRN
    It sounds like a good company. I was hired at a sketchy home health agency as a new grad with no experience and given a week and a half of unpaid orientation before I was thrown to the wolves. Thank god I got a hospital job within a couple weeks.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
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    1 admit takes average 2 hrs in home + 1hr paperwork (completing on Monday).
    3-4 admits+ 2 RV = 12hr day x2 + 8 on Monday = 32 hrs
    That's ~26.14/hr. Think its too low--should be closer to $30.00 hr for the headaches.You should not be having call in evening or will have NO down time.
    What is their service territory like, how far are you driving needs to be taken into consideration.