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  1. Hi guys! Im new to this site! I'm a home health nurse and have been for about 4 months...and i am already burnt out on home health. i love my patients but i keep up with 40 patients a week. i have to make sure they are scheduled out each week plus i have to make sure they have enough orders etc. Half the time, i do not even see a lot of my patients because we admit everyone And i am covering other peoples patients because they are on call. I drive a hundred miles everyday, am out for 8 to 10 hrs everyday , and chart for 2 to 3 hrs each night. Sorry to vent, i am just over it! When I have way too many patients on my schedule, due to supervisor adding to it, supervisor says, figure it out. Im on call all the time and cover 6 counties all by myself when im on call. Again I'm sorry to vent so much, I just wanted to ask you all how your home health agency runs things. I'm Contemplating going back to the hospital.
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    Also, I have had two unsafe situations in the last two months. I Documented in great detail What happened during these situations. Supervisors refuse to d/c patients and expect me to still go see those patients. I will not go back to either of those homes. Could I get fired for that? Thanks again.
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    *HUGS* WOW!...I am sooo sorry that you are going through THIS: covering SIX counties by yourself!!!

    That is MORE than enough for anyone to be burned out...shall I say close to flamed out? A pile of cinder???

    I cannot recount your HH experience, because I did direct care/private duty, however, most HH companies I worked for were supportive about dealing with unsafe issues, even going as far as d/c'ing a pt after discussing the issues, coming up with a plan; the nurse was immediately removed if she requested. I can recall inappropriate behavior that I had to report against, and it was handled, and I felt safe to visit again and nothing else happened.

    What are your options?? Could you switch to doing private duty and have 1-2 patients instead, or switch to another agency? I honestly will tell you that HH has the downsides that you describe across the board, high turnover, lots of traveling, TONS of paperwork, and sometimes it feels as if you are at the mercy of the office because there is consistently no back up. As for the unsafe conditions, legally if something happens to you, they will be held liable, and you've bought this up...if this is the most pressing issue, along with the other safety issues pertaining to you on the verge of flame-out then by all means find another position.
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    Hi, When you refuse a pt just make sure you report off to a supervisor or another nurse so you aren't accused of
    abandonment. My comfort level is 12-14 pts. Sounds like there dumping wayyyy to much responsibility on you. You
    have to learn to stick up for yourself and say no in HH or they'll take advantage of you.
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    I quit home health 2 years ago. Just now saw these replies. Thanks guys!