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Hello all! Good news is I graduate in 10 days! Woohoo! Bad news is no one seems to be hiring! All these hospitals are being extremely upfront about no longer taking new graduates which is very... Read More

  1. by   davidhart1970
    I’m a new grad and looking for job as well so can’t speak from experience but per my research just like other places home health care prefers experienced nurses as well but it’s not a requirement.
  2. by   Isabelle49
    A new grad who is confident and has excellent assessment skills could do well in home health as a first job.
  3. by   Akeos
    I got hired into peds home health a few months after graduating. as it was the only job offered to me, i pretty much has not choice but to take it. I am very grateful for my job and the experience i'm getting, but it's defiantly not what i want to do for any longer than i have to. I would say be sure they place you with a family that is very knowledgeable and willing to help if needed. I got 1hr of orientation at one family and 6 at the other family, who's child had a vent. To do home health you need to be a very fast critical thinker. I've pretty much had to troubleshoot and learn everything on my own, with some help from parents in the beginning. If it's the only job you can get, you need to take it. And I know this will upset some of the home health nurses, but take in mind I work night, when my patients are for the most part sleeping all night. To me It;s a glorified babysittting position, and if you get a pt. with a vent, there's some very stressful fast paced moments. If you're like me and want to transfer to a hospital The most recent information I got when I talked to a recruiter this week and was that they only hire people with acute care experience ( really really hope this isn't every hospitals policy). So unfortunatly in my area this job isn't doing me much good in getting the experience I need to get the job I want. but I am learning how to be autonomous and have learned some valuable skills. Good luck
  4. by   seattle_rain
    I am a new grad and just started my home health job caring for a ventilator depenedent pediatric patient. The company that hired me has been wonderful with training--they'll train me for as long as I need to feel comfortable. I'm starting to get the feel for things, so hopefully just a couple more shifts and I'll be ready to go on my own. I'm loving it though! She's an adorable kid with some complex needs and I'm learning a lot. I love having time to really care for her holistically.
  5. by   seattle_rain
    Tinysam, I spoke with a recruiter at the pediatric hospital in my city and they said taking care of kids with a trach or vent was excellent experience for the medical unit and they absolutely counted it as pediatric RN experience.