HH RN's what would you say to the boss?

  1. The only reason I bring up RN's only is because the LPN's are already seeing that they are making more money being paid per visit.

    We've been per visit pay for one week now. It was just thrown on us 2 days before it went into effect. The owner hadn't even worked out the kinks yet and is doing so as we go along. The owner of the company is coming to talk to us on Tuesday and we're to voice our concerns.

    So far she has agree to pay us $15.00 extra when the visit is more than 25 miles and we get that extra both ways. I think that's fair.

    Are there are aspects of pay per visit that are a downfall for RN's? I don't want to miss the chance to bring up a legtimate concern.

    We are getting $20 more per visit whenever an Oasis is involved. Today I'l need to call at least 3 doctors re: admits I did over the weekend to verify some orders and to get a PT and an OT referral for patients. We don't get paid for office time anymore. I think should be compensated.

    How does your agency handle RN's getting paid for all the additional things and paperwork that is required of us? If you could ask the owner anything about compensation what would it be?
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Per diem compensation should be at a high enough hourly rate to cover all care involved with visit.

    Admits require usually 1 hr in home, 1 hr on OASIS/agency documents along with follow-up care coordination calls.

    So if per visit rate 1hr or less is $45.00/visit then Admit payment needs to be at higher rate, at least 50 % more (most agenxy cannot afford to pay for double rate) so $65-70/admit rate average i've seen.

    Resumptions/certs: pay above per visit rate, rare that agency pays admit rate.

    Pt not home (after scheduling) or not found drive-by vist: pay $15.00 rate.

    Mileage if using fed govenment rate is 44.5 cents mile from office to last pts home.

    Since per visit rate for FT staff, need designated # admits/revisit productivity expected across the board.

    Cell phone allowance.
    Extended visit cases rate need to be included.

    NEW POLICY NEEDS TO BE IN WRITING for each office.
  4. by   DutchgirlRN
    Well, the owner came....she wasn't interested in what we had to say. She only wanted to deliever more bad news. I quit (with a 2 weeks notice)
    No longer Home Health Happy.