hh nursing pay in mass??

  1. I wanted to know the salary ranges for home health in mass as well as per visit rates. particularly interested in centrus or south shore vna.

    any info would be great!
    Thank you.
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  3. by   cookie102
    having left MA a few years ago, can tell you the pay rates at the VNA in milford are excellent, great place to work also--good luck
  4. by   nursekelly217
    i'm an lpn on the north shore in homecare and the pay is great for me. i believe is also high for the rns at the agency as well. we're salary with per diem visit rates for anything over our scheduled day. also have a lot of schedule flexibility and there was a significant differential for the downtown boston office. hope that helps.
  5. by   pamc217
    I just started in home care as a new grad RN
    my base rate is $32 an hour and per visit rate is $35, this is just north of boston. Plus .45cents a mile and 3000 sign on bonus, Im a happy camper!!!
  6. by   samdombek
    Hi pamc217--

    You gotta be kidding me! I started as a new grad RN at an agency northwest of Boston and I'm only making a little more than HALF of what you're getting!! How are your benefits? And I don't know if you want to reveal what agency you work for, but can you tell me at least what town you're out of? Thanks!
  7. by   pamc217
    Its in Medford, I am offered bc/bs at 73 dollars a week for a family plan but im not taking it. You can email me directly if you like Pamhannonrn@comcast.net . Does everyone in home care work in units? I am expected to do 64 units every two weeks, one unit is a visit 2 for an admission. I only get paid per call after the 64 units. So some days it could take me more than the 7.5 hours that im getting paid for, but some days will be less and i still get paid 7.5 hours.

  8. by   colter517
    Anyone know how much VNA of Cape Cod pays? I just got hired at Centrus, but don't think I'm going to take it. They pay $33 a visit for skilled visits. They were extremely quick to hire me and I don't think that's a good thing.
  9. by   supernova2700