HH LPN taking call without compensation.....

  1. When I started this job a year ago, LPNs did not have to take call ever. A few months into the job we were told that the weekend nurses were getting behind sometimes and they needed back up RNs as well as LPNs. LPNs would be forth in line to get called and would receive 30$/day for being available even if we were never called.

    Later I found out that there were weekends that I saw three or four patients when the back up RN saw none, but for the most part, the back up nurses do not end up having to make visits at all.

    This past Thursday, our payroll coordinator told my husband who also works for the company, that LPN's are no longer getting the 30$/day unless they actually make a visit. Of course, the two regular weekend nurses and the back up RN are still getting their daily compensation. Their rationale is that they haven't utilized the LPNs enough and the back up RN still has to call the hospital list, which takes 30 minutes.

    So we have to stay in town and be obligated to the company for 48 hours with no compensation. With my husband working there as well, this turns out to be 2 weekends out of every 8 weeks that we can't make plans. We have family out of town and try to see them once a month, not to mention all the other things we have to turn down. Does this sound right? What should we do?
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  3. by   Been there,done that
    Of course it's not right. Unless you have signed a contract stating you will be available on the weekend in CASE they need you for NO compensation.
    Refer to your state's labor laws/ board of labor. Good luck, that stinks.
  4. by   merlee
    You should get on-call pay simply for your availability, and then get paid for each visit you make. But a company can make their own policy. This is something management needs to make clear.

    On top of that, there should be a 'call-by' time if you are 4th in line. In other words, most agencies know by noon if they will be swamped with visits on the weekend. In fact, they should know by Friday afternoon. If they know on Friday that they will not need you, they should release you.

    And find out if you and your hubby can work the same weekend. No reason it can't happen. Unless you are both LPNs, then you are out of luck.

    Best wishes.
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  5. by   caliotter3
    Most of my passive aggressive coworkers would simply go on about their business and never take a call. I don't know that I would anger them by being up front and telling them off, but I doubt that I would hang around for the weekend, waiting to be taken advantage of. You know that saying about the door mat, nobody can make you their door mat, unless you allow it.
  6. by   shelleyspence
    I want the issue to open. They bosses never told us that the we were no longer getting the pay; we happened across the info. I don't plan to be available unless compensated, however, I think it is most professional for us to discuss the issue. I think our DON is a good and rational boss. My husband is going to be our "spokesperson". He is well liked and polite. Our company is full of great people with honesty morale. I can't imagine this not being worked out. But I am curious about the legalities of it.
  7. by   caliotter3
    Inquire with your state Labor Board to find out the legalities.
  8. by   DSkelton711
    Seems that you should get on call pay unless you are salaried. I am salaried and I am on call 24/7 without on call pay.
  9. by   shelleyspence
    We only have one nurse who is salaried and we have decided they must pay her big. She is only on call Friday thru Saturday, not 24/7.