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  1. I'm looking to find a good HH agency that will allow me to work in two cities (pittsburgh and L.A. during the winter), can anyone make any recommedations? I spoke with nursefinders and Maxim, but I hear maxim is terrible so their out. Also, I have exactly one year of experience in med/surg and a little pacu. Is that sufficient for home health?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    One year of experience is usually the minimum that most agencies require before they will consider you for hire. Of course, it would be better to have more experience but you can adapt to the job as long as you insure that you are given good orientation. Don't let anyone just throw you out there on your own. Ask as many questions as necessary and demand as much orientation as you need. You do not necessarily have to go with a nationwide agency to work in both cities. You could find local agencies that would accommodate your "snowbird" schedule. That's part of the flexibility that home health is known for. Good luck with your bicoastal home health plans.