Help! Number Of Admits Per Day

  1. Our agency states that national data reflects that homecare RN's should be able to complete 3 admits daily with electronic charting! I wanted to hear from you guys....Right now, our agency has a seperate admit team of 2, then seperate nurses for intermittent visits and sups. The admitting nurses perform the SCIC, resumptions, etc. + case manage...I can not see how a nurse can do 3 admits daily 5 days in a row plus call!! Our management has given us a week to come up with a new solution and we are brainstorming and thinking of splitting into 4 RN's that manage 20-25 and still do intermittent visits with 1 LPN, along with this doing the admits for the patients we will case manage... PLEASE TELL ME WHAT WORKS FOR YOU GUYS!! we have around 70 clients and can do up to 8 admits dly...Thanks
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  3. by   sunnygirl272
    3 admits daily is BS...our RNs rarely do 2 apiece...they may do 1 and 2 visits if we are jammed....and we do have days when we have 8-10 admits for a day....3 for one nurse in a day is outrageous, IMHO....the farging paperwork, getting verbal SOC..and the whole song&dance....someone is blowing smoke up your a$$....
  4. by   sunnygirl272
    we cover a (fairly) large rural county....divided into west team/east team....4-5 case managers each addition to 3-4 noncase managing nurses(2-3lpns, 1 rn) who do visits...the RN does opens also...beeper call is also split east/west so there are 2 nurses oncall at all times....on weekends, planned opens are assigned out to RNs that are assignedto work that weekend...during the week, normally whoever opens it, keeps it...on weekend, rarely opened by the nurse who is gonna be caser manager...PM me if ya want...

    oh, yeah...we do laptop charting...but on the weekends, sometimes the cases are opened by nurses from our Preventive dept...( "moms&babies")..they are NOT on laptop...then it's a PITA come monday, cuz they miss alot of stuff, and someone hasta enter it in the computer and do the 485 and all...
  5. by   wenron
    That is insane!!! If I do one admit (taking me 3 hours) and see 3 other pt's, I even then have OT. I've asked my boss to not give me (if able) one oasis a day...but rather every other day. Our case managers also requested that if we have caseloads over 20, we have 4 credits. Right now, my caseload is 18, so I get 5/day. I do get paid hourly and mileage...but whenever I have an oasis for the day, I have overtime.