1. I just left a critical care job for home care. Last week I loved it. I oriented w/ a child and loved the home, the family, etc. This week I oriented w/ another case and it was horrible. The nurse that oriented me was so rude to me. She talked about me w/ the mom while I was in the other room w/ the patient. I felt so bad.... Should I not go back?
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  3. by   Wgbem
    I think you need to talk to that nurse and discuss what happened. I would then go to my administrator. It is a shame to have people leave home care who love it. It can be so rewarding.

    Go back. It will be the patient's loss.

  4. by   PamSICURN
    For some reason, I have seen nurses in all areas (HH, ICU etc) do this. I think that they have some strong psych issues to make themselves feel better or more superior at the expense of others. Please do not judge all HH nurses by this one's actions. Look at this board and the commarderie (sp?) here. Please give it a chance! Pam
  5. by   pocovan
    Thank you for your help! It was so nice of you to respond. I did tell the scheduler not to schedule me to orient w/ that nurse again. I am working for a hospital's health care system that does everything from pediatric home care for vent etc patients to temporary fill in to IV therapy. I miss the IV therapy of CCU, but I really like working in the home. I hope to orient later w/ the IV team, but so far I am won't be vent certified for another week. I guess I have to be patient. Do you guys all wear scrubs into the home? I have been because my clothes closet is very limited... I love this web site. Stacey RN
  6. by   PamSICURN
    I'm glad you'll give us another shot! And I'm glad they are going to orient you with someone else. Yes, I wear scrubs. There is nothing else quite as comfortable to work in for me. (besides, I have a zillion). Coming from the ICU myself, I find HH quite a challenge. I do a little of everything from IV's to complicated wounds. And I have fun doing it! What a job! Pam